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Jade Parts Ready To Ship!

When your Jade kitchen equipment breaks down, the last thing you want to do is track down parts and wait through a long shipping process. At Parts Depot, we keep the Jade Parts you need in stock and provide the fastest shipping options.  After all, we know how important time is when dealing with broken kitchen equipment.  When you need Jade range or oven replacement parts, just call Parts Depot and we’ll make sure you get back up and running in no time!

Having Options When It Comes To Jade Parts

As a leading restaurant parts supplier, we want to make sure you have choices when it comes to your Jade range and oven parts. Our inventory includes a wide array of both OEM Jade parts, as well as aftermarket parts. We also set the pricing for these parts so they’re as affordable as possible.

Your Local Jade Parts Resource

We know that it is essential to get your Jade kitchen equipment repaired as quickly as possible—that’s why we allow for local pickups. If you are in the vicinity of our Brooklyn warehouse, you are more than welcome to come by and pick up the parts you need. Getting your equipment into working shape is our top priority, so we get you the parts you need in the quickest manner possible. We pride ourselves in providing the most convenient service possible, which means we work our hardest to get you the parts you need.

Contact us today for any of your restaurant parts needs.

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If you need a Jade part not listed on this page, please let us know
and we’ll get the part for you.






J-100   1210600000 BURNER- 23"LONG $50.00 BUY NOW!
J-101   1012500000 RADIANT- 19 1/2" LONG $45.00 BUY NOW!
J-102   4611200000 PILOT TIP $15.00 BUY NOW!
J-103    1011700000 3 BAR TOP GRATE- 3"X21" $50.00 BUY NOW!
J-104    1011600000 4 BAR TOP GRATE -3"X21" $50.00 BUY NOW!
J-105   1014800000 TOP GRATE- 5" X 21" $40.00 BUY NOW!
J-106    1014700000 BOTTOM GRATE- 8" X 15" OVEN/ RANGES $35.00 BUY NOW!
J-107    4610700000 THERMOSTAT -BJWA- JSR $165.00 BUY NOW!
J-108    4615300000 THERMOSTAT(FDO) JTRH $185.00 BUY NOW!
J-109    4616600000 OVEN PILOT NAT - JSR,JTRH $28.00 BUY NOW!
J-110    4616100000 SPARK MODULE- JTRH $38.00 BUY NOW!
J-111    4615200000 SAFETY VALVE TS JSR,JTRH $130.00 BUY NOW!
J-112    4411000000 BURNER VALVE- JSR,JTRH $18.00 BUY NOW!
J-113    3023100000 KNOBS FOR J-112 $12.00 BUY NOW!
J-117    8492300000 FRONT TOP BURNER ASSY $75.00 BUY NOW!
J-118    8424000000 21" REAR OPEN TOP BURNER ASSY $90.00 BUY NOW!
J-119    8492500000 22" REAR OPEN TOP BURNER ASSY $95.00 BUY NOW!
J-120    8492500000 OPEN TOP BURNER HEAD $60.00 BUY NOW!
J-121   3022600000 OPEN TOP BURNER GASKET $4.00 BUY NOW!
J-123    3014400000 DOOR SPRING $15.00
J-124    3012900000 S - HOOK $4.00 BUY NOW!
J-125    3419500000 EYE BOLT $7.00 BUY NOW!
J-126    1012700000 ROCKER ARM $30.00 BUY NOW!
J-127    1112000000 HANDLE BAR $65.00 BUY NOW!
J-128    3010400100 BRACKET LEFT & RIGHT $34.00 BUY NOW!
J-129    1212200000 SAL BURNER
9 x 23 1/4
$500.00 BUY NOW!
24 3/16 x 5
$480.00 BUY NOW!
16 3/4 X 6
$400.00 BUY NOW!
J-132    8952000090 BROILER BURNER 26 1/2" LONG $145.00 BUY NOW!
J-133    1011401V GRATE 6 X 24 $85.00 BUY NOW!
J-134 1212300000 Infra-Red Burner (28 1/4 x 6 3/4) $400.00 BUY NOW!