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U.S. Range

U.S. Range

U.S. Range Parts Ready to Get You Up and Running

When your cooking equipment has a malfunction it is a nightmare scenario and the pressure of pleasing your customers while figuring out how to repair your appliances can be extremely daunting. At Parts Depot, we understand the urgency of situations like this and work to get you the parts you need to get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

As a leading restaurant parts supplier, we carry the U.S. Range replacement parts that will get your cooking equipment back into tip top shape. Whether it is a U.S. Range oven, griddle, charbroiler, or hotplate, we can get you the part that you need. We also provide options, as we carry standard OEM parts as well as aftermarket parts.

U.S. Range Parts for Local Pickup

Though we have a very efficient shipping process, sometimes you might want your replacement parts right away. If you are local to our Brooklyn warehouse, then you're in luck, as we allow for local pickup of the parts we have in stock. At Parts Depot, we pride ourselves on providing the most convenience to our customers, and local pickups are just another way that we can help out as much as possible.

Finding the Right U.S. Range Part

Is your U.S. Range oven in disrepair but you can't figure out exactly what is wrong? Or maybe your griddle isn't working to capacity. Whatever the issue is, Contact us today and we'll help you identify exactly what you need. We have developed expertise in restaurant equipment, so we don't just supply you with the parts; we help you solve your problem.

Contact us today for any of your restaurant parts needs.

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If you need a U.S. Range part not listed on this page, please let us know
and we’ll get the part for you.






US RANGE - Black KNOB (1) USR-101    1089100 BLACK KNOB $8.00 BUY NOW!
US RANGE - US-102 - BJ TSTAT - 22700 USR-102    227000 THERMOSTST- BJWA $200.00 BUY NOW!
USR-103    1086597 PILOT VALVE-1/8" NPT X 3/16" TUBE $18.00 BUY NOW!
US RANGE -USR-108- 222040- 3 BAR USR-108    222040 TOP GRATE- 3" X 21 1/4" 3 BAR $70.00 BUY NOW!
US RANGE- USR-109- 222041 - 4 BAR GRATE USR-109    222041 TOP GRATE- 3" X 21 1/4" 4 BAR $70.00 BUY NOW!
USR-110   222035 TOP GRATE- 6" X 24" $65.00 BUY NOW!
US RANGE - USR-111 - 4X20 USR-111    222034 CAST IRON- 4"X 20"GRATE $65.00 BUY NOW!
US RANGE - US - 112- 222024 - RADIANT USR-112   222024 CAST IRON -RADIANT FOR SERIES RBA $60.00 BUY NOW!
US RANGE- USR-119- 224004 - SPRING USR-119    224004 DOOR SPRING- FOR PF-836 SERIES $30.00 BUY NOW!
US RANGE- USR-120- 224009- HOOK USR-120    224009 S-HOOK -FOR PF- 836 SERIES $10.00 BUY NOW!
US RANGE - USR-122 - 222150 - SALAMANDER BURNER USR-122    222150 SALAMANDER BURNER- 8 1/2" X 27 5/8" - BSC-BSR&BSW $480.00 BUY NOW!
USR-125    222105-2 - NEW
222105-1- OLD
IR BURNER- NEW STYLE, 16 3/4" X 6"- IRCMA 24,48,72,96,120 & 144 $400.00 BUY NOW!