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Vulcan Hart

Vulcan Hart

Vulcan Hart Replacement Parts Ready to Get You Up and Cooking Again!

For over 15 years, Parts Depot has been the go-to supplier of restaurant parts for business owners throughout the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area. When a Vulcan Hart oven, range, or kettle needs replacement parts, their owners turn to us because they know we have all the parts in stock and we are ready to ship them out ASAP! At Parts Depot, we understand the urgency of broken or missing parts and we work hard to get you back on your feet with a fully functioning kitchen.

As a leading restaurant parts supplier, we carry the Vulcan Hart replacement parts that will get your cooking equipment back into tip top shape. Whether it is a Vulcan Hart Range Oven, Fryer, Charbroiler, or Kettle, we can get you the part that you need. We also provide options, as we carry standard OEM parts as well as aftermarket parts.

Parts for Local Pickup – Vulcan Hart Ranges, Burners, Valves, Thermostats, and more!

We pride ourselves on our efficient shipping; however, sometimes you might want your replacement parts right away. If you are local to our Brooklyn warehouse, then you’re in luck, as we allow for local pickup of the parts we have in stock. At Parts Depot, we focus on providing the most convenience to our customers, and local pickups are just another way that we can help out as much as possible.

Don’t See the Vulcan Hart Part You Need? No Problem!

Is your Vulcan Hart oven in disrepair but you aren’t sure why? Or maybe your Thermostat isn’t working properly. Whatever the issue is, contact us today and we’ll help you identify exactly what you need. We have developed expertise in restaurant equipment, so we don’t just supply you with the parts; we help you solve your problem. That’s a guarantee!

Contact us today for any of your restaurant parts needs.

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If you need a Vulcan Hart part not listed on this page, please let us know
and we’ll get the part for you.






VH-100    800666-10 BURNER VALVE $18.00 BUY NOW!
VH-101    402957-2 HANDLE FOR VH-100 (BURNER VALVE) $12.00 BUY NOW!
VH-105    812041-1 BURNER VALVE HGB SERIES $30.00 BUY NOW!
VH-106    413157-1 KNOB FOR VH-105 (BURNER VALVE) $6.00 BUY NOW!
VH-109    402957-1 KNOB FOR VH-107, V108 (BURNER VALVE SERIES) $14.00 BUY NOW!
VH-110    404738-3 PILOT VALVE- 1/8" NPT X 3/16" TUBE $12.00 BUY NOW!
VH-111    412852-1 TOP GRATE - CAST IRON $95.00 BUY NOW!
VH-112    410602-1                               RADIANT - CAST IRON $60.00 BUY NOW!
VH-113    410600-G2                              BURNER $80.00 BUY NOW!
VH-118   411506-13                              T'STAT - (RX) 200-400F, 3/8 X 6" BULB 24"CAP $95.00 BUY NOW!
VH-123    410841-2 3/4 GAS VALVE LP THERMOPILE - BLEED $150.00 BUY NOW!
VH-124   410841-1 3/4 GAS VALVE NAT THERMOPILE - BLEED $150.00 BUY NOW!
VH-125    410841-23 1/2 X 3/4 GAS VALVE LP MILLI-VOLT $165.00 BUY NOW!
VH-126    410841-22 1/2 X 3/4 VALVE NAT MILLI-VOLT $165.00 BUY NOW!
VH-127    410841-3 3/4 GAS VALVE NAT - 120V $165.00 BUY NOW!
VH-128   410838-G1 LIMIT WIRE $15.00 BUY NOW!
VH-129    413433-1 KNOB $3.00 BUY NOW!
VH-130    410839-4 THERMOPILE - 2 LEAD $40.00 BUY NOW!
VH-131    410839-1 THERMOPILE- SCREW IN $40.00 BUY NOW!
VH-133    412212-1/2 1/2 PILOT ASSY-NAT/LP OVEN/RANGE $32.00 BUY NOW!
VH-136    403956-1 BELL CRANK $12.00 BUY NOW!
VH-137    403971-1 BELL CRANK PIN $8.95 BUY NOW!
VH-140    404629-2 HINGE PIN BUSHING $13.00 BUY NOW!
VH-143    413381-1 RIGHT HOOK $10.00 BUY NOW!
VH-144    413381-2 LEFT HOOK $10.00 BUY NOW!
VH-145   404053-1 SPRING 6" OVERALL (4 5/8") $14.00 BUY NOW!
VH-146    417429-000G1 SPRING 9" OVERALL (7") $25.00 BUY NOW!
VH-147   417865-1 TURNBUCKLE $20.00 BUY NOW!
VH-148    411496-FI DOOR MICRO SWITCH $45.00 BUY NOW!
VH-149    411551-G1 BROILER BURNER FOR 7840 SERIES- 26 1/2 LONG $130.00 BUY NOW!
VH-150    414754-3 IR BURNER ASSY(NEW STYLE) - 5 1/2" X 24 " $220.00 BUY NOW!
VH-152    408823-3 GAS THERMOSTAT-250- 550 DEGREES $140.00 BUY NOW!
VH-153    407522-1 GAS THEMOSTAT- 150- 550 DEGREES $160.00 BUY NOW!
VH-155    402957-1 KNOB-ALU.240 D- STEM $9.00 BUY NOW!
VH-158    404146-1 SIDE CERAMIC- 2 7/8" X 5 1/4" $25.00 BUY NOW!
VH-159    404145-1 CENTER CERAMIC- 5 1/8" X 5 1/4" $30.00 BUY NOW!
VH-160    405655-4 BROILER GRID BEARING- W/SHAFT $40.00 BUY NOW!
VH-161    414806-1 SPARK IGNITION MODULE-SM2-120V $35.00 BUY NOW!
VH-163    404076 (FLAT UP) BURNER VALVE- 1/8" MPT, x NO ORIFICE $15.00 BUY NOW!
VH-165    409432-1 TOP GRATE FOR 7800 SERIES(CAST IRON) $35.00 BUY NOW!
VH-167    413773-1 TOP GRATE FOR MDLS. 7856A, SG7856A,H53-72 , H54,H56(CAST IRON) $30.00 BUY NOW!
VH-168    417256-1 TOP GRATE - 12" X 12" $58.00 BUY NOW!
VH-170    400705-1 RING FOR HEAVY DUTY $110.00
VH-171    406460-1 LID FOR HEAVY DUTY $75.00 BUY NOW!
VH-176    405569-2 1/4" TUBE PILOT IN/OUT- 7/16"TUBING-GAS $140.00 BUY NOW!
VH-177   407798-4 CONVERSION KIT $185.00 BUY NOW!
VH-178   411497-F1 SOLENOID VALVE - 120V $120.00
VH-179      COIL $55.00 BUY NOW!
VH-183    409125-1/3 1/3 HEAVY DUTY SERIES NAT/LP GAS $40.00 BUY NOW!
VH-184    412787-1/2 1/2 24L,36L,48L,160L,260L, SG-77R SERIES $22.14 BUY NOW!
VH-186   417608-1 BURNER HEAD ROUND $75.00 BUY NOW!
VH-188 424137-2   SINGLE BOARD $185.00 BUY NOW!
23 1/4 x 9
$450.00 BUY NOW!
VH-190 00-840144 BURNER $200.00  
VH-191 713656 SOLENOID VALVE $165.00  
VH-192 423813-3 IGNITION WIRE $34.00  
VH-193 497765-2 BASO $170.00  
VH-194 498025 BASO $170.00  
VH-195 497029-1 DOOR STOPPER $22.00  
VH-196 497027-1 RIGHT HINGE $75.00  
VH-197 497027-2 LEFT HINGE $75.00  
VH-198 00-424940-00001 COOLING FAN 120V $75.00  
VH-199 00-424194-00001 2 PRONE IGNITOR $100.00  
VH-200 00-413994-00001 115V MOTOR $750.00